For Educators

Sex trafficking is happening in communities all across Canada. At Covenant House, we’ve been working with survivors of sex trafficking for over 40 years. Since 2015 we have delivered awareness and prevention presentation to thousands of students and teachers to equip them with the tools they need to help keep young people safe.

Sex trafficking survivors often say they just didn’t see the signs. Given that victims are recruited as young as 131, awareness and education at a young age is essential. It’s about making students aware, not afraid.

Based on this work, we’ve developed the following resources and modules to use in your own classroom:

Educator Guide on Sex Trafficking Prevention
Module I – Sex Trafficking 101
Module II – Relationships and Sex Trafficking

Content aligns with Ontario’s school curriculum for grades 7-12 and can be used to support wider school initiatives and events.

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1. Gabriele, F., et al. (2014). The Incidence of Human Trafficking in Ontario, Ontario Coalition Research Initiative


For Educators: Topics

Learn the basics of sex trafficking and why it’s important to talk to your students about it. Also suggested as advanced preparation before facilitating our sex trafficking awareness and prevention modules with students.

Includes an animated video narrated by a sex trafficking survivor, slides and discussion questions. Students will learn what sex trafficking is, tactics that traffickers use to manipulate victims and the red flags to watch out for. Suitable for grades 7-12.

Includes a video based on the real-life experience of a teen who was trafficked, followed by discussion, slides and optional group activity. Students explore healthy and unhealthy relationships and learn some of the luring tactics traffickers use. Suitable for grades 7-12.

Access additional resources such as FAQs and digital materials that can be provided to students to enhance the learning process and provide places to get help.

Find out how Covenant House’s sex trafficking awareness and prevention program aligns with school curriculum for grades 7-12 and can be used to support wider school initiatives and events.