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Our donors mean the world to us. Your contributions are the foundation of the services we provide to youth: 80 per cent of our budget comes from your generosity.

We have collected your frequently asked questions on donations here. You'll find questions and answers regarding:

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A donation is defined as a voluntary transfer of cash or in-kind goods for either undesignated or designated use, with no expectation of a benefit returned to the donor.

Covenant House Toronto Charitable Registration number: 10699 0195 RR0001

Tax receipts

What is the minimum gift amount for which I can receive a tax receipt?

How long will it take to receive a receipt for my gift?

Can you email me a tax receipt if I mail you my donation?

If I’ve misplaced my tax receipt how do I get a replacement?

I’m a monthly donor, when can I expect a receipt for all my gifts?

Can I get a replacement receipt?

Can I get a tax receipt for providing a service?

Can I get a tax receipt for sponsoring an event?

Can I get a tax receipt for providing a product or personal property?

Payment options and updates

Can I drop off a cash donation at any time of day?

What payment options do you accept?

Can I e-transfer my donation?

Monthly giving

What day of the month will my donation be withdrawn?

Can I suspend my monthly gifts?

Can I increase my monthly contribution anytime?

How do I cancel my monthly gifts?

Mailing lists

How do I update my mailing address, credit card or bank account information?

My parent/spouse was a donor and is now deceased. Please remove them from your mailing list.

Can I customize the number and type of mailings I receive?

Why do you mail donors gifts like cards and calendars? Aren’t they expensive?

How do I get more cards and/or calendars?

Do you share my name and address with other charities?

How do I get off mailing lists?

Giving options

Do you receive non-cash gifts?

Can I drop off household items and clothes?

Do you accept gifts of food?

Do you have endowments?

Can I designate my United Way gift to Covenant House?

What types of gifts can I make through my corporate giving portal, Benevity?

Can I restrict a gift to a specific program?

Can Covenant House decline or return a gift?

Donor communications

Do you do “on the street” or door-to-door fundraising?

Can I be removed from your email communications?

Can I be removed from your call list?

My phone number is unlisted. How did you get it?

What is your governance model?

How much are your administrative costs?

Contact us

For general gift and donor communications enquiries, please contact our Donor Services department, open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT.