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By showing up and speaking out, we advocate for positive, long-term change for youth. The work that happens behind the scenes is powerful, visionary and collaborative. It is the foundation for broader social shifts and policy improvements.

Here are the ways Covenant House takes action and speaks out for the young people in our care.

Supporting every youth

Every young person who walks through our doors gets a team of support and a network they can count on. Whether it be helping them find their communities of choice, coordinate their immigration needs or determine education next steps, we are here to coach them through the process and connect them with options.

Collaborating with community

We work with municipal and community groups to advance a collective response to homelessness and sex trafficking. This helps ensure a cohesive and powerful support system for young people across our communities.

Influencing government policy

By collaborating with provincial, federal and international advisory committees and working groups, we provide front line expertise so that policy better reflects the needs of youth.

Informing and engaging the public

We couldn't do this work without a much wider community of supporters. It's your voice that helps push the agenda forward. By raising awareness through petitions and research, we help to ensure that every caring person can take action against homelessness and trafficking.

What we've achieved

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Helped extend support to youth leaving the child welfare system 

Icon of person in shelter

Ensured more youth at risk can receive essential services

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Collected 18,000 signatures for a national trafficking hotline

Extended support for youth leaving care

Increased access to services

National trafficking hotline

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Learn how we've made a difference in the lives of youth.