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Our Solution

The problems of homelessness and sex trafficking are long-standing and complex. So any response has to be as well.

We fight for youth by taking a layered approach, based on 40 years of front line experience.

Through advocacy, research and our prevention efforts, we inform on the issues, improve systems and sector, and intervene in these challenging and harmful cycles.

By providing thoughtful, tailored programming to youth, we ensure essential needs are met while igniting potential.

With your help, youth have a chance to thrive.

Portrait of young sad girl at sunset in a transitional living program for homeless youth

Our advocacy

We advocate for long-term change for young people. This happens by influencing public policy, collaborating with community and government, and raising awareness about the issues.

Our approach

The youth we serve have experienced significant hardships and may not have coping skills in place. As a result, it can be difficult for them to think through a plan for their future.

Our approach at Covenant House is to build strong, authentic relationships with a trauma-informed lens. Here are the four principles that guide our approach:

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With immediate care, such as food, clothing and shelter, young people can start thinking about their future.

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We engage youth in a range of services to ignite healing and build resiliency, including health care, well-being programs and counselling.

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Each young person has access to the tools needed for independence, including skill development, training and stable housing. We are with them every step of the way.

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Young people can rely on us for guidance and support as they build healthy social and community networks, while they stay with us or move into the community.

By the numbers

More than 100,000 young people supported since 1982.

24-7 support, with daily programming for youth.

330 person staff team ensures youth receive a high ratio of care.

75% privately funded through donations.

All numbers above based on Covenant House Toronto administrative data (2021).

Our services

Each youth has their own unique path to and through our services. Here are the programs we provide, with your generous help.

Young sad girl looking out the window in homeless prevention program, looking for a job

Our prevention and early intervention initiatives protect youth in our community. We provide education and training and support youth in connecting to their families or social networks.

Awareness, prevention and early intervention

A happy young woman painting a wall after finding housing through the transitional living program

Our housing and after-care services include our crisis shelter, drop-in centre, transitional housing program and specialized housing options.

Housing and after-care

Three women doing yoga poses in a garden dealing with trafficking trauma

We provide holistic opportunities for healing through programs that focus on body, mind, heart and spirit. Improving health and well-being is key for the young people who come through our doors.

Health and well-being

A young man looking at his computer screen in the life skills program

From school, to job training, to life skills workshops, we help young people access the knowledge and skills needed to thrive on their own.

Education and employment

Success stories

Teenage boy talking to an adult with a serious facial expression.

With Maria’s support, Harris stopped drinking, got his substance use under control and learned how he can overcome obstacles. Now, he finally sees his value and potential.

Learn how counselling helped Harris

Group of young women relaxing and playing games in the living room of our specialized housing program at The Rogers Home, Covenant House

“Our goal is to support these young women in a safe, secure and welcoming environment to help them move to the next stage of their journey,”

Learn about Avdell Home

A young happy girl wearing a plaid shirt.

“I could see that Courtney wanted to make a change, but I knew that it would have to be at her own pace.”

Learn about Courtney's recovery

Two young people cooking in a kitchen.

“This is giving me a start and once you’ve got that, you can climb mountains.”

Lean how Jason's life changed

Young girl with serious expression on her face as a sex trafficking victim

“When I connected with my advocate with the anti-trafficking team at Covenant House, it was the first time I felt someone understood what I had been through and what I was still dealing with.”

Learn about Avery's journey