Three women doing yoga poses in a garden.

Health and Well-being

Every young person at Covenant House has hard circumstances behind them and an uncertain future ahead. Each one of them also brings their unique strengths, hopes and dreams.

Health and well-being supports are essential to renew a young person's sense of potential.

At Covenant House, youth access a range of health and well-being services. Over the years, we've seen that the best care comes through healing body, mind, heart and spirit. With this in mind, we offer services that bring a holistic approach to trauma.

By the numbers

4,085 youth visits to our BensKids Health Centre.

390 youth supported with their mental health concerns.

46 youth matched with mentors.

All numbers above based on Covenant House Toronto administrative data (2021).

Health and well-being support programs

A sad teenage boy sitting on the ground, dealing with mental health and addiction concerns.

Mental well-being

We've seen an increase in youth with mental health and addiction concerns and a lot of youth who lack positive coping skills. Covenant House staff are trained to recognize the presence of trauma symptoms and acknowledge the role that trauma has played in the lives of young people.

Mental health services

A nurse checking a patient's pulse. Covenant House provides medical services to youth facing homelessness

Physical well-being

When living on the street, couch surfing or moving between shelters, youth are in survival mode. This takes a big toll on physical health. Our health centre aims to change that.

BensKids Health Centre

Sports and recreation

Chair in a classroom for the Lise Watier: This is Me! Girls Program to build emotional well-being

Emotional well-being

From fractured families to trafficking, youth who come to Covenant House have already been through a lot. We view every interaction with a young person as an opportunity to build trust, safety and emotional support.

By forging strong relationships and providing mentorship, we offer a safe space to land.

Emotional well-being is the foundation for each of the programs below.

Lise Watier: This is Me! Girls Program

The Poy Family Mentorship Program

A teenage boy sitting in a garden looking stressed out and participating in a spiritual well-being program at Covenant House

Spiritual well-being

When trauma is part of a young person's life and they have experienced abuse and neglect, it's easy to question everything. We're with them in their search.

Spiritual care