Who We Help

The youth we serve are as diverse as our community. Just like everyone else, they have hopes, dreams and the right to a bright future. The odds may seem stacked against them, but thousands of youth have found a path forward through the programs and services we provide, thanks to your donations.

A snapshot of our youth

left home before they turned 181.

come from average to upper-income households2.

have experience with the child welfare system3.

of trafficking victims are under 18 years old4.

Young boy with serious facial expression wearing black hoodie standing near a bush

“I’m grateful that Covenant House connected me with the employment program. That is what set me on my path.”

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They have much to overcome

  • 51% say that abuse contributed to leaving home 5
  • 23% were diagnosed with a long-term physical health issue or disability6
  • 61% of trafficking victims reported immediate health concerns7
  • 81% of trafficking victims reported issues with mental health8

They all have potential

Our youth are resilient and have hope for a better future. They just need help getting there. Many have never felt a sense of control over themselves or their future.

We help them move forward and regain their feeling of power.

woman looking down

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