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Education and Employment

Many of the youth we support have had their schooling or employment interrupted by family breakdown, learning disabilities, mental health issues, a lack of positive role models and other challenging factors.

We help each young person create a customized plan of action with education, life skills and employment training. This helps youth build confidence and grow and sustain their independence over the long-term.

Our impact

699 life skills workshops taken.

256 jobs and job training placements were realized by our youth.

85% of youth in our Cooking For Life program secured employment from their placement or within the industry.

All numbers above from Covenant House Toronto administrative data (2021).

Education and employment programs

Teenage boy in the city partaking in Covenant House's educational programming to help resume their academic certifications

Educational programming

Every young person comes to us at a different stage of their learning and growth. Some of the youth we see have not had strong role models growing up and need support in the basics: this is where life skills training comes in. For those ready for the next step, we offer the chance to resume their academic path.

On-site high school

Life skills

Two men in the kitchen chopping vegetables, learning hands-on professional training for their future careers

Job training

We help youth gain meaningful, stable employment by equipping them with skills and lending practical support. Whether through resume advice or hands-on professional training, learn how our young people prepare for their future careers.

Job centre

Cooking for Life

Two young people cooking in a kitchen.

Support youth to succeed by working with us!