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Our Impact

Since 1982, we've provided care for young people who have experienced homelessness and sex trafficking. And we're still fighting to make sure others do not experience the same challenges.

As a national leader, we combine front line experience with research to ensure the solutions we offer have impact.

To do this, we conduct regular research and evaluation studies and listen carefully to our youth advisory council. Our advocacy at all levels of government pushes forward important agenda items on homelessness, child welfare and sex trafficking.

This relentless dedication has built our reputation as an agency that stays true to its mission.

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“All the kids who live here have had something negative happen to them so it’s hard for them to trust people. When staff don’t judge, they start to build trust again. It creates a bridge.”

Learn how Marissa rebuilt trust

Young boy wearing blue shirt with serious look on his face.

“I bought a suitthe first suit in my entire life. It’s like I was designed for a job like this. It feels like home.”

Learn about Ethan's transformation

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“I’m grateful Covenant House connected me with the employment program. That is what set me on my path.”

Learn how Darren found peace

Boy standing outside with a serious expression on his face.

I asked Adam if he wanted to ask me anything to get to know me better. He asked me two questions: at what age I started talking and if there was ever a moment in my life that I stopped talking for a period of time.

Learn how Adam found his voice

Our impact last year

In our last fiscal year, we worked hard to meet the diverse and complex needs of today's youth. These impacts would not happen without the support of generous and compassionate donors. When we work together, change happens.

Average of 280 youth supported each day.

2004 turned to us last year.

4727 visits at our on-site health clinic.

658 youth stayed in our residential housing programs.

All numbers above based on Covenant House Toronto administrative data (2023).

Real youth, real challenges, real change

Any young person who comes to Covenant House has at times faced extreme life challenges.

We see how these challenges affect behaviour and show up in relationships. Trauma can take the shape of anger, fear and distrust. It can lead to or worsen mental health and addiction issues. It takes a long time to heal.

The outcomes from our last fiscal year reflect the slow, ongoing building of trust and creation of positive role models. 

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4,727 youth visits to our BensKids health centre.

icon of two hands holding a heart

70% of youth reported having a trusting relationship with at least one staff.

icon of one person consoling another

458 youth supported with their mental health concerns

 All numbers above based on Covenant House Toronto administrative data (2023).

Leaders in sex trafficking support

Victims of sex trafficking need specialized support. We help them access the health care and housing services they need to recover and heal from intensive trauma. In addition to helping these youth stabilize, we support trafficking survivors to pursue their schooling and employment goals.

When it comes to sex trafficking, very few victims lay criminal charges. Covenant House supports survivors in pursuing or laying legal charges against their traffickers. This is an essential step for these young women to heal and move forward with their lives.

To learn more about how we provide support to survivors of sex trafficking, visit Traffick Stop.

Young girl with serious expression on her face as a sex trafficking victim

"When I connected with my advocate on the anti-trafficking team at Covenant House, it was the first time I felt someone understood what I had been through and what I was still dealing with."

Personalized support for brighter futures

Some of the young people we see come only for the essentials: a warm bed, clothing, food. Other youth come to us for a brief moment in their lives, and then quickly move forward on their own. Some youth arrive with longer-term needs, from mental health to disabilities, and look to us for deeper support.

These different needs influence the types of support we provide. Across all of our services, youth shape their own action plans and goals. Here are some of the wins along the way.

of youth in our Cooking For Life program secured employment.

of youth staying in our on-site transitional housing left with a stable source of income.

of youth in shelter created a personalized action plan for their future.

of youth living independently in the community undertook life skills development.

All numbers above based on Covenant House Toronto administrative data (2018 and 2023).
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Join us in making a difference for young people.