Alan Liu and Salad King

Growing up, Salad King's Alan Liu's family taught him about the importance of giving back. After touring Covenant House's facilities, Alan could see the difference being made in young people's lives and decided to give back.

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“Providing a safe space for our youth. Everything our youth needs to grow starts from that. Talent cannot flourish if it doesn’t have a place to grow.” Alan Liu

At Covenant House, we know how important community and connection can be – especially among young people. Finding the place and the people who show you acceptance and a sense of belonging  can make all the difference on the worst of days. These are principles we’re proud to hold and share with our friends down the street at Salad King.

Salad King knows the best way to build community is to get involved and get to know your neighbours. After reaching out to Covenant House, they came in for a tour and to learn more about what we do for the young people we see each day. Walking through our different programs and services, Salad King’s Alan Liu could see the difference being made in our young people’s lives and decided to get involved.

Growing up, Alan’s family taught him what it meant to give back. They had always been generous and supportive of others, and this influenced him to formally make giving back part of Salad King’s values. Their priorities are food, education and our neighbourhood. Covenant House could not ask for better neighbours.

Thank you to Alan and the Salad King family for their generosity and loving care!