At a young age, life had already taught Rebecca a thing or two about resilience. When she
arrived at Covenant House, she knew she had to be brave. “I chose to accept the help. To be open to
whatever possibilities may come.” Rebecca’s openness allowed her to fully participate in the care she received at Covenant House. She stayed in our emergency shelter and is currently living in one of our specialized houses. Rebecca has benefitted from counselling, occupational therapy, healthcare, mentorship, and employment support at Covenant House. She discovered a talent for
painting and has secured a job in an industry where she has room to learn and grow. By being curious and exploring everything that Covenant House could offer, Rebecca developed healthy strategies and a network of supportive people who believe in her as much as she believes in herself.

“This sense of belonging [I found at Covenant House] has given me strength to persevere and strive for a better future.”

Rebecca is focused on her future and committed to pursuing the life she dreamed of–the life she deserves.