The Newlands Family live by the philosophy ‘if you can – you should’. Their family foundation, aptly named ‘The Four Oaks Foundation’ has a focus on supporting youth in crisis or at risk, education, and food insecurity. Oak trees are symbolic of strength, longevity, honour and dignity, a beautiful reflection of how the family strives to give back to the community. The Newlands take a unique approach when supporting organizations like Covenant House. They take their time to learn about the needs in the community and engage in meaningful conversations about how they can help.

“Any complex issue needs complex solutions. And no one can best describe and understand programs like those who are invested in the day to day.” Spencer Newlands manages the foundation’s interests on behalf of his mom and three siblings and believes that the decision to offer support also comes in part from “a feeling when you know it’s the right fit.” For the past several years, the Newlands have supported vital programs at Covenant House including extending our healthcare services during the pandemic, piloting new mental health supports for youth in need of immediate access to care and most recently, by making a generous commitment in support of our specialized housing program for victims of sex trafficking.

The family has taken time to learn more about the unique and varied needs of the young people we serve. Their investment not only allows us to deliver much needed services, but it enables us to expand our work and pilot new initiatives. Most importantly, their generosity sends a powerful message to the young people served by Covenant House – that there are caring individuals who see their potential and are committed to helping them succeed. Thank you to the Newlands Family for their unwavering support and compassion towards those in need.