The importance of training staff

Sex trafficking is a complex issue. It is a hidden crime that often goes undetected. Yet, many industries are in the best position to see potential signs through their encounters with traffickers or victims.

We need everyone to play their part to help fight sex trafficking. Awareness and employee training are essential to protecting your organization’s reputation and the safety of your staff.

If I just pay attention to what’s happening, I can actually save a life by helping someone.

Many employees have shared with us how grateful they are to finally learn about sex trafficking and establish common language to talk about what they have witnessed in the past.

Some express feeling guilty after realizing they have seen evidence of trafficking and did not take any action. Following our training sessions, employees feel empowered that they can now talk openly about this issue.


This exceptional training on sex trafficking prevention is ESSENTIAL for all hotel employees. Staff of over 30 years were surprised to learn that they have seen signs of sex trafficking but didn't understand the signs until this training was conducted. This training is a MUST and is critical to help the fight against sex trafficking.