Online safety tips

As soon as your child is online or has a phone, they are ready to learn about online safety. Building these protective behaviours early on can provide a strong foundation for when they are older and you may have less access to their online activity.


Before you begin the conversation with your children, here are some general considerations to keep in mind:

  • Remember (and remind your family) that this is not a one-time talk, but an ongoing discussion.
  • The online world is constantly changing. Become familiar with the latest apps and social platforms youth are actively using.
  • Keep in mind your children often create multiple accounts you may not be aware of where they may post different material and interact with people unknown to you.
  • Teach your children to trust their gut. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.

Key tips

Here are some additional protective measures to help support your children in being aware and careful online.

Privacy settings

Sharing information and pictures

Be aware of fake profiles

Set some ground rules