If your child is being trafficked

Discovering your child is being trafficked can be devastating. You may find yourself feeling scared, overwhelmed, anxious or angry that your child didn't tell you what was happening. You may feel helpless and experience a lot of self-blame. There is no right or wrong way to feel.

Your instinct may be to "rescue" your child and do whatever you can to help them be safe. Or, you may feel the need to set strict boundaries about what behaviours will and will not be tolerated. Or, after many attempts to help your child, you may feel like you need to find ways for you and the rest of your family to move forward.

Every situation is unique, and every family's journey will be different.

It's always important to remember that sex trafficking can happen to anyone under any circumstance. And due to its secretive nature, it can be hard to spot the warning signs.

What you can do

Here are some of the ways you can support your child, plan safety for the family and get help. All of these are suggestions and should be tailored to the situation and circumstances.

Understand the law

Engage with your child

If your child is not ready to leave

Create a family safety plan

Get further support

Learn more about how sex trafficking impacts the family and how you and your family can cope.