If you suspect trafficking

The signs of luring and trafficking can be difficult to recognize. It may start with a shift in your child's usual behaviour. Some initial signs include:

  • Your child is being secretive about their friends or activities.
  • They are withdrawing from family or doing things out of character like skipping school, missing curfew or not coming home repeatedly for days at a time.
  • They have new expensive items and you don't know how or where they got these items.
  • Your child is suddenly spending time with an older person or new "friends" you haven't seen before.

There can be many explanations for these behaviours, but if something does not feel right, it's worth exploring. Always remember: you know your child best. Trust your instincts.

Next steps

Here are some steps you can follow to learn more, prepare for a conversation or seek further support.

Educate yourself on sex trafficking

Create a safe space

Have the conversation

When your child isn't ready to share

Establish boundaries

Further support