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From fundraising to volunteering, there are many ways you can have an impact on youth homelessness.


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Under 25 years old?

Visit our youth site for strategies to cope with challenges such as bullying, family problems and drugs.


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What We Do


In-school prevention and awareness presentations to help keep youth safe delivered by expert facilitators across Toronto and the GTA.
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Crisis Care

Safe shelter, food, a warm bed and clean clothes treat the basic needs of kids in crisis so they can focus on recovering from whatever brought them to our doors.
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Counselling, onsite health care, pastoral care, drop-in centre and our mental health day program offer ongoing care for mind, body and spirit.
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Onsite high school, job preparation and training programs, life skills training and long-term residence prepare kids to make it on their own.
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After Care

Housing support, follow up calls and visits for kids moving into the community to support them as they transition into independence.
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Why Support Covenant House Toronto

As Canada's largest agency serving at-risk, homeless and trafficked youth, Covenant House Toronto changes lives by providing the widest range of services and support under one roof. A national leader, we educate and advocate for change to help at-risk, homeless and trafficked youth by influencing public policy and delivering prevention and awareness programs.
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New housing now available for victims of sexual exploitation

Victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking have a new safe refuge with the launch of Covenant House Toronto’s second housing program.
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Sleep Out: Champions Edition

On April 5, 2018, one hundred professionals spent a cold, damp night outside to raise more than $475,000 for youth at Covenant House Toronto..
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Hope for vulnerable victims

Sixteen-year-old Shawna was brought to us by police. She accepted their help when she was found in a motel where her boyfriend had been forcing her to sell herself. As we implement our comprehensive, anti-sex-trafficking plan, we are providing more support for young, female victims. Among our new services are two dedicated crisis beds in our shelter, the first of their kind in the city.
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Covenant House Kids

Employment : Nadia

Working for her father's approval

Since a young age, Nadia was forced to work in her father’s Toronto bakery every day until late in the evening while he hurled insults and commands. Her confidence was shattered by his constant putdowns, and she had no time for friends or homework.
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Crisis Shelter : Marco

Far from home

Marco’s dad was never a father to him. His dad lived in Toronto, while Marco grew up in Ecuador, immersed in the love of a large, close knit family–his mother, grandmother and three siblings. But at 18, he reluctantly left them to join his father in Canada in pursuit of a better life.
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Rights of Passage : logan

A child raising himself

For as long as he could remember, Logan felt as though he were only a burden to his parents. Their volatile relationship ended when he was very young. His father would often leave their small town, but when he returned, he would be violent and verbally abusive to Logan.
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