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After one setback too many, Jason wound up at the doors of Covenant House, having nowhere else to go. Family problems had forced him to move in with friends, but that didn’t work out. He was worried about how to find a place and manage on his own.

His perspective changed when he received life-changing news: He was selected to be the first youth to move into his own rent-reduced apartment thanks to Covenant House’s new partnership with Hollyburn Property Management.

The program offered Jason with a fully furnished bachelor apartment for a year while he worked and practiced life skills with the ongoing support of his Covenant House outreach worker.

The first thing the 22-year-old did was ask his worker if he could call his mom in Jamaica. “I wanted to tell her the good news and she cried because she knew her son was safe,” he says.

It was the answer to my prayers. This is giving me a start and once you’ve got that, you can climb mountains

With a safe, secure place to live, he’s got his sights set on the next peak of his journey.