Young happy girl using her laptop for a video call.


Growing up, Angel had big plans for her future. She thrived on routines and the comfort of knowing what was coming next.

After a relationship fell apart and, with it, a place to live, everything changed. “I never in my worst nightmare dreamed that I would one day be homeless,” she said.

“I went from a girl who was full of life and applying to a university master’s program to someone who felt hopeless. I no longer thought of a future or cherished the present. I felt empty.”

Covenant House was there to help her rebuild her life, including providing a mentor who would make a huge impact. Getting to know Nisha, an MBA graduate who works in the tech industry, provided the hope Angel needed to imagine a positive future.

“I will never forget the moment I met Nisha. I imagined that looking at her was hopefully having a glimpse at my future self. Seeing someone with a similar story to mine become so accomplished in life gave me the hope that I needed,” said Angel.

One of the biggest life lessons Angel learned from Nisha was the practice of self-love. As this has been something Angel struggled with, Nisha taught her the importance of always putting herself first, loving herself and becoming her own best friend. Angel applies this to her everyday life now.

In the last year, our mentorship program has matched 33 youth with mentors who provide one-on-one life guidance, coaching and support.

For Nisha, the experience has been as rewarding for her as it has for Angel.

“Angel has helped me challenge my own views as well as societal stigmatization of youth in homeless shelters. It’s safe to say that I found a lifelong friend in an unlikely place, and I’m looking forward to celebrating all the big milestones Angel will continue to achieve in her life.”