Teenage boy talking to an adult with a serious facial expression.


Harris arrived at Covenant House afraid and unsure of himself. He no longer lived with his abusive father, but Harris still heard echoes of his voice in his head.

Maria, our mental health and substance use counsellor, was eager to help Harris learn to cope with negative feelings and substance abuse. However, she understood that he would need to set the pace. Maria’s goal is to create a safe space for all our youth to express themselves and learn to thrive in their own way.

It took time for Harris to trust Maria and open up. But, when he did, he revealed an insightful and bright character.

Maria helped him learn to separate his father’s voice from his own and identify healthy thoughts that would help Harris create a path forward.

With Maria’s support, Harris stopped drinking, got his substance use under control and learned how he could overcome life’s challenges. Now, he finally sees his value and potential.

With strong relationships and unconditional love, Harris has begun to heal, reclaim his power and build a successful future.