Young girl with serious expression on her face.


In 2015, I broke free after being trafficked for over a year. When I connected with my advocate with the Anti-Trafficking Team at Covenant House, it was the first time I felt someone understood what I had been through and what I was still dealing with.

The Rogers Home provided a change in surroundings that made it easier to focus on rebuilding my confidence and independence. Covenant House encouraged the healthy connections I already had in my life, so I was able to stay close with my family, maintain my part-time job and continue volunteering in my community while learning to find a better balance that gave me time to heal.

While living at the Rogers Home, I returned to university to complete my degree in International Studies and Law and Social Thought. It was a goal I finally felt capable of achieving after years of spiralling. I now live in a community apartment offered by Covenant House and am one step closer to being fully independent. I feel more safe, capable and confident than I have in years as I balance school, work, volunteering and a healthy social life.

I am full of gratitude for my time spent with Covenant House. Thanks to my time here, I am ready to take on everything my future has to offer.

To learn more about sex trafficking, visit our online resource, Traffick Stop.