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Toronto youth facing homelessness or sex trafficking find shelter and services at Covenant House Toronto

A Critical Need
For Shelter

The Covenant House difference

Covenant House is the largest agency in Canada serving youth who are homeless, trafficked or at risk. Covenant House is inclusive, intentional and impactful.

As a leader in the sector, we advocate so that all youth can have lives free from homelessness and trafficking.

Our donors allow us to meet the emerging needs of our youth and accelerate our work. Our comprehensive youth-driven programming is centered on unconditional love, absolute respect and relentless engagement.

Youth facing homelessness looking for shelter

Supported 30% more youth last year.

two women making coleslaw and nourishing meals at our shelter in Toronto

2,500 nourishing meals served each week

A nurse checking a patient's pulse. Covenant House provides medical services to youth facing homelessness

4,727 annual visits to our on-site health centre

One providing comfort to another by holding hands. Covenant House provides 24-7 support for homeless youth

24-7 support, all year round

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Portrait of sad young girl standing outside experiencing homelessness

Who we help

The youth we serve are diverse, resilient and have dreams for a better future. Thousands of youth have found a path forward, with your support.

A young man sitting against the wall looking sad as he deals with homelessness

The Problem

Every day, youth across Canada struggle with homelessness and sex trafficking.

  • As many as 40,000 young people in Canada experience homelessness every year
  • Over 50 per cent of homeless youth indicated that abuse at home contributed to their homelessness
  • 17 years old is the average age for victims of sex trafficking
  • 55 per cent of victims are recruited into sex trafficking by someone they know
Sad young woman with colourful hair and big hoop earrings dealing with sex trafficking

Our solution

Advocate: Improve outcomes for young people by influencing policy and systems

Prevent: Raise awareness and provide training to help stop homelessness and trafficking from happening

Build and share knowledge: Use research and program evaluation to inform best practices and meet the needs of youth

Deliver impactful programming: Provide comprehensive resources and services to support youth in their journey

Our services

icon of a lecture

Our initiatives in prevention and early intervention work to raise awareness and better protect youth. 

icon of a building

We provide a range of shelter and housing options to meet the needs of each young person.

icon of a stethoscope

Improving health and well-being is key for the young people we serve. From health care to counselling, we meet youth where they're at.

icon of a book

Our job training, education and life skills programs help young people transition to independence.

A teenage girl looking sad.

“Being at Covenant House gives me the ability to work on my mental health while being part of a community. I’m living within society, but with staff to support me.”

How Rachel got support

“For everyone who stays here, it’s not about how we start. It’s all about our future.”

Marcel's journey

A boy with dark brown hair wearing a black hoodie looking serious.

“I always thought, ‘I’m better than what’s happened to me. I’m going to change the world.’”

Learn more about Mark

Young man with a serious facial expression.

“The staff are perfect examples of people who are always there for you. Anytime I stopped by, I had really supportive conversations with everyone. I got help with things like applying to OHIP or advice about school programs.”

Read Nathaniel's story