Social Media Policy

Social Media Terms of Use

Covenant House Toronto manages five social media accounts: Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Through these social media platforms, we aim to foster dialogue about the important work we do every day to support young people. We support free and honest conversations, and we ask users engaging on our channels to treat each other with dignity and respect when partaking in this dialogue.  

To provide online spaces that are respectful, fair, open and engaging, we ask social media account users of Covenant House Toronto’s social media channels to abide by the following Terms of Use.  They have been drafted with sensitivity, empathy, and constructive dialogue in mind:

Removal of Posts 

We appreciate that productive dialogue, disagreements and debates are natural forms of communication, but we ask that your comments give dignity and respect to your fellow users. Covenant House Toronto reserves the right to remove published content on any digital channels that for any reason does not align with our values, vision, mission, or goals. This content includes: 

  • Bullying and/or any language considered racist, sexist, misogynistic, profane, or hateful; or
  • Spam, defamatory, or comments that seek to solicit or promote content or material unrelated and unproductive to Covenant House Toronto.

User Bans  

Covenant House Toronto may remove or block users without warning if the content being shared is deemed disrespectful, offensive, or in violation of the social media policy.

Confidentiality and Safety Online 

To maintain the safety and confidentiality of all users, Covenant House Toronto will not permit comments that contain private information or sensitive details about others. Covenant House Toronto reserves the right to redirect or adjust the medium used for certain private conversation. This will likely involve requesting that a user Direct Message (DM) Covenant House privately.

If users need support or advice, please visit

Content Moderation  

The Covenant House Toronto team will review content and take appropriate action based on this policy. If community members see anything on our social media channels that goes against our guidelines, appears strange or that makes them feel uncomfortable, we ask that they email    

All digital content published by Covenant House Toronto is subject to change and removal.