SG’s Story: Pursuing his dreams by investing in himself

SG has always been ambitious. But after navigating a challenging childhood and finding himself in and out of the shelter system, he struggled to find the support he needed to ignite his potential. That struggle ended when a social service agency referred him to Covenant House.

Since then, SG has been working on his goals as a participant in our CIBC Rights of Passage program, which equips youth with the support and life skills they need to prepare for living on their own in the community.

In CHT’s CIBC Rights of Passage program, SG benefits from the services, support and care that will help him overcome challenges and build confidence to pursue his dreams. Staff along with the other youth in the program continue to provide SG with guidance and support as he learns and practices life skills like budgeting and saving for the future, buying groceries, planning meals and cooking for himself.

With guidance from youth worker Chantelle, SG has developed a customized action plan to support his progress towards successfully living on his own and supporting himself. Her support has empowered him to pursue the future he deserves.

SG has a strong relationship with Chantelle, who is someone he can always approach to vent a challenge he is dealing with, discuss something that he wants to work on or celebrate a good day. The connection he has with her is based on trust, absolute respect and the knowledge that he will receive the encouragement he needs no matter what obstacles he faces as he moves forward towards living independently.

“This is his life, so I’m going to invest in it as much as he does and give him the support he needs,” said Chantelle. “It brings me joy to be able to see these young people succeed. I want SG to succeed, to reach his goals and beyond.”

Thanks to the stability and support he’s found at Covenant House, SG is working towards realizing his dream of one day opening a skateboarding business.

“I believe that everyone has a light within themselves,” he shared. “No matter what someone is going through, it’s up to them to find the flint to spark that light.”