Food is at the centre of everything we do at Covenant House. It is the first thing staff offer when youth come through our doors, and as they get settled in the House meals become opportunities to gather and connect. For youth who have experienced homelessness, being at Covenant House might be the first time in a long time that they’ve had consistent meals and access to enough food.

We promise young people that we’ll help them meet their basic needs, and we build trust by reliably providing three meals every day and preparing bagged lunches for youth going to school or work. Food fuels young people as they work toward their bright futures.

“Young people get nutritious meals here, but food isn’t just about physical wellness. It’s also about joy, tradition and comfort. It’s important that the food we serve supports young people in their emotional and spiritual well-being, too.” – Sulekha Jama, Director of Resident Services

Our kitchen staff goes above and beyond to ensure that young people get a balanced diet that fuels and satisfies them. Every day, our kitchen staff prepare generous amounts of fruit, vegetables and healthy protein. They also regularly serve fun foods like chocolate chip cookies and french fries – foods that offer comfort and nostalgia to youth who have been through so much.

The dedication of our chefs and the generosity of our supporters ensures that young people have food that nourishes their bodies, minds and spirits while they work toward their bright futures.

Some of the most popular dishes at Covenant House include jerk chicken, pad thai and, of course, pizza. These favourites always make it into the menu rotation!