Tracy is constantly seeking growth opportunities to expand her horizons so that she can create a better life for herself. When the 22-year-old first learned about Covenant House’s programs for youth experiencing homelessness about five years ago, she took it upon herself to enroll in our on-site school and our Cooking for Life job readiness program.

Her decision has paid off after she successfully completed her secondary school education which paved her way into a business technology program at university. With big dreams of success in business, she is now excelling as a local realtor and has plans to pursue a Master of Business Administration.

While Tracy’s achievements were meaningful, she still craved the connection, support and guidance that comes from having a caring adult in her life that she lacked. This is where Jodi, Tracy’s Covenant House mentor, stepped in.

“Not having my family with me has been tough, but I’m grateful for the support I received from Covenant House and the special friendship I now have with my mentor Jodi who treats me like a member of her family,” said Tracy.

Jodi, a successful business owner and mother of three, was matched with Tracy through our Poy Family Mentorship Program. Since then, they have forged a strong relationship full of laughter and meaningful conversations. Their friendship continued beyond the one-year mentorship commitment where Jodi welcomed Tracy around the dinner table with her kids and invited her to events like Blue Jays games. Tracy says she has learned from Jodi’s business expertise and gets a confidence boost every time they discuss her dreams and how to tackle the challenges she may be facing at any point in time.

“Tracy figures things out, I’m just her cheerleader,” said Jodi. “It means a lot to me that I can provide her with the feeling that she is part of my family, and that we all support her. It has been a joy to see how successful she has become. She knows that I’m in her court and that I will be there for her when she needs me.”

Having such a positive experience within the mentorship program has inspired Tracy to make plans to be a mentor herself one day. “I want to make an impact on a young person’s life in the same way that Jodi impacted my life,” added Tracy. “It’s a great way to help someone who is experiencing the same challenges I have faced and celebrate their successes.”