Strong mentorship matches turn into meaningful connections


When Mahamed moved to the city, he brought with him dreams of becoming a software engineer.

But like most young people, Mahamed needed advice, guidance and motivation to help him pursue his goals. This made him a great candidate to be matched with a like-minded professional willing to bring him under their wing as part of Covenant House Toronto’s Poy Family Mentorship Program.

Mahamed joined our mentorship program and was matched with Giovanni (Gio), an entrepreneur and business startup advisor who wanted to make more of an impact on the lives of young people. He liked the fact that our mentorship program allows the mentor and the young person to learn from each other and help empower youth to pursue a life of wellness and opportunity.

When the pair connected, Mohamed found he could talk easily with Gio about his career goals and anything else. Gio was able to share his experience in the business startup world. The two have become close friends who support one another through their own challenges since their initial contact through the mentorship program in 2022.

“Our match is successful because of the friendship that has developed between us,” said Mahamed. “You need someone to be a friend and an advisor, that is why I really enjoy getting together for a walk and a chat to discuss what’s going on in my life and find out what Gio is up to.”

“Mentors have more to offer than they may think”, Gio says. “Regardless of who you are or what you have experienced in life, your personal growth can set an example for a young person to create structure in their life, broaden their horizons and help them develop as an individual.”

Mahamed echoes that sentiment by saying that young people like him who are trying to improve their situation and lead an independent life, need someone on their side to be an advisor and a friend.

“Having a mentor is helping me succeed in all aspects of my life,” added Mahamed. “Gio provides me with structure, advice and guidance without any judgement which is very important to me.”

Strong matches that turn into meaningful connections are at the heart of the Poy Family Mentorship Program. To learn more about making a difference in a young person’s life, contact mentor coordinator Ashley Mayers at 647-880-5605 or