The young people we see at Covenant House have experienced hardships that no one should ever have to. The daily challenges they experience – from figuring out where their next meal will come from to where they will spend the night – force these youth to grow up too fast.

When they come to Covenant House, we provide solutions to these daily challenges, fulfilling their basic needs, providing the tools they need to grow and even giving them opportunities to be young and have some fun.

Participation in sport and recreation activities provides physical, mental, emotional and developmental benefits – as well as help build confidence, determination and resilience. This is especially true for youth experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Earlier this year, staff took a group of young people to Pursuit OCR, an indoor activity space that invites everyone to find their inner child. Here, they could run, jump, climb and experience an afternoon of fun among friends. They didn’t have to worry about survival, they could just enjoy themselves and act their age.

Thank you to Pursuit OCR and our staff for creating a safe space for our youth to let loose and have some fun