It can be challenging to match young people with the right employment opportunity. There needs to be a willing employer who can offer something to a youth that aligns with their goals, a youth who is ready to take on a new challenge and a support system around both the youth and the employer, that ensures success.

Recently, a donor reached out to Covenant House with an interest in hiring a youth. Jenna, a young person at Covenant House was ready for a new challenge.

With a strong support system of youth workers around her, Jenna had a full team rally around to support and encourage her toward her goals.

She received new clothing for her new job and counselling to navigate the new workplace. Seeing Jenna and the team applying themselves to their fullest is encouraging and inspires me in my own work.

Jenna is working in her new job and the employer is very impressed with her work ethic. Covenant House offers young people a community of support right from the beginning and throughout their journey. It takes a community to enact a lasting change.