Covenant House was home to Davion during a pivotal time in his life. He first stayed at the emergency shelter and later moved on to CIBC Rights of Passage, our on-site life skills and housing program.

During the years when Davion called Covenant House home, he developed a special bond with Sam, one of the Covenant House Community Liaisons.

Davion recalls that with his strong presence and listening ear; Sam had a tremendous impact on his young life. They shared many conversations about life, the importance of choices, dealing with hardship and anger, respect of others and so much more.

Sam’s gentle way of listening and giving heartfelt genuine advice helped Davion feel valued and worthy of good things in life.

Davion has gone on to complete a certification to work in the film industry. He credits Sam for steering him in the right direction.

Davion still comes by weekly to visit with Sam – who he sees as his mentor. He beamed with pride when he recently showed Sam his diploma and pictures with his new coworkers on the film crew.

It is evident the respect Davion has developed for Sam over the years. The connection that started in the courtyard has grown to be a special friendship. This is a reminder of the great potential we all have to make a positive impact in the lives of youth at Covenant House.