The young people we see every day at Covenant House are unique. Each youth has individual goals and priorities during their time with us, whether it's finding employment, applying to school or taking care of their health. One thing almost every one of the youth that we support craves is connection – connection to our staff, each other, and the community.

The Poy Family Mentorship Program is one way youth feel connected at Covenant House. We pair volunteers in our community with youth looking to find new connections and build their sense of community. Through the Mentorship Program, volunteers model various skillsets to help set young people up for success and see them thrive.

For volunteer Lindsay, the Poy Family Mentorship Program was a perfect fit. Lindsay came to Covenant House as a monthly donor and wanted to do more. Reflecting on her skills and how she could help young people, she applied to be a mentor.

“I am so grateful I joined the mentorship program and have the opportunity to support and guide [my mentee]. I never thought I would receive so much from this program, but my life has been enriched in ways that I never imagined.”

Lindsay remembers how difficult it can be to be young and as a mentor, can provide important guidance to youth when it comes to school, work and life. Her care and loving advice will serve her mentee long after they have left Covenant House.