strategic plan

2023-2027 Strategic Plan

Leading Solutions for Youth Homelessness & Trafficking

Covenant House Toronto is committed to playing a greater role in reducing the number of youth experiencing homelessness and trafficking. Our vision in this strategic plan amplifies the prevention and community housing work we began 10 years ago and reimagines our shelter for the future to better meet the needs of today’s youth. This holistic approach will help more young people remain stably housed and move forward to a better future.

2023-2027 Strategic Priorities


Work upstream to prevent more youth from experiencing homelessness and sex trafficking

Shelter & Emergency Services

Reimagine the shelter and emergency services to produce the best outcomes for youth

Transition, Community Housing & Supports

Ensure young people remain stably housed and thrive with housing and supports

This holistic approach can only be accomplished with the dedication of our staff and volunteers and the tremendous generosity of our donors and partners. We are excited to embark on this next chapter and igniting potential in every young person who crosses our path.


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