Homelessness is a complex issue, and the shelter system is an essential safety net for youth who are struggling. At Covenant House we believe every young person has the right to shelter, food, clothing, emotional support and safety, a belief we are heartened to share with the Lawrence Schafer Foundation.

The Lawrence Shafer Foundation first began supporting Covenant House after looking towards the community for the right opportunity to give back and support young people. Reflecting on their own privileges, they recognized that many of the young people we see each day can’t readily fulfill their basic needs such as food and shelter: they are focused on simply surviving. Their compassion moved them to help, and they pledged to support these youth.

The Foundation is proud to partner with Covenant House and support our various programs. They know the immediate difference their support can make in young people’s lives, and how they can help set them up for brighter futures. Their support goes a long way in making our youth feel loved and cared for.

Thank you to the Lawrence Schafer Foundation for championing our youth.