Liz first learned of Covenant House from her grandmother, bringing her to an open house to share what we do in her community and the complexities of youth homelessness. It was during this open house that Liz discovered a new passion to help those who no longer have the comforts of stable housing.

Liz and her partner, Jakob, are owners of Betterfelt; a company that creates fair trade, wool-felt slippers and sustainable employment opportunities for artisans, paying fair wages. This care for their employees, partnered with the knowledge of what Covenant House stands for, inspired Betterfelt to do what they can for our younger generations, something the company is very passionate about.

The main goal with each pair of slippers produced is simplicity and practicality, something the company felt they could help provide to the young people at Covenant House. Last year, a donation of almost 100 pairs of slippers was given to keep youths’ feet warm.

‘Everyone should have warm feet,’ says Betterfelt about the decision to help care for our young people. “Having a source of comfort is important, and slippers can make you feel at home after a day spent in your shoes.” This comfort helps ensure our youth feel cared for and cared about while looking ahead into their futures.

“There are far too many young people experiencing homelessness in Toronto and across Canada. The issue is complex and the work Covenant House is doing to provide youth with love, shelter and support is making a real difference. We are honoured to support Covenant House in their mission.” - Liz Wirth