At Covenant House, we aim to provide different programming and resources to reach more of the young people we serve in the community. Whether it be finding somewhere safe and affordable to live or workshops to teach youth life skills, we like to help youth find their independence.

A big part of finding this independence is feeling supported physically and mentally, something TD Bank strongly believes in, and wants the young people in Toronto to feel. Through their Ready Commitment initiative, TD is focused on opening doors to be inclusive and ensure everyone has the opportunity to succeed, no matter what.

At TD, they know it can be difficult to feel supported financially, physically and mentally secure in times of uncertainty. TD wants the youth they help support to know they are not alone.

“Whether it's a resource program through Covenant House or a friend you meet along the way, through empathy and empowerment we can all feel more supported.”

The Ready Commitment, an enterprise wide, global citizenship platform, supports change and work towards making the world a better, more inclusive place. Breaking down barriers is a big responsibility, and we’re incredibly proud to partner with TD Bank to make help ensure this future for our youth.

Thank you to TD Bank for their generous support of our programs and initiatives!