The Heart of the Drop-in Centre: The Tommy and Zina Longo Family Kitchen


Experiencing homelessness for any length of time can have a devastating impact on a person’s physical health, safety, mental health and well-being. Immediacy is an important aspect of our services. When a young person first comes to our doors, we meet their immediate needs first.

The Longo family shares our commitment to respond quickly to the immediate needs of every young person who needs us. With a remarkable three-year commitment to support our drop-in services, the Longo family helps ensure that youth, many still facing the dangers of the street or struggling to live on their own, have a place to turn.

Welcoming and warm, our drop-in centre offers young people meals, a hot shower and access to our food and clothing bank. Supportive staff and peers give youth the comfort of community and a chance to see how we can help. It is here where our dedicated team starts building a relationship of trust.

Youth on the street have a constant battle to meet their basic needs and stay safe. Sometimes they are not yet ready to stay in our shelter, but the drop-in centre gently introduces them to how we can help.

Even youth who have moved on to live on their own can feel lost and lonely once they are on their own. Sometimes they need a helping hand.

The Tommy and Zina Longo Family Kitchen, proudly named in honour of the Longo Family, is the heart of the drop-in centre. Here youth can count on a warm meal and a chat with someone who understands the hardships they are facing, sees who they really are and believes in their potential.

Thank you to the Longo Family for your commitment to creating meaningful change and believing in our youth. Your generous support is a beacon of hope for youth who may be living on the street, couch surfing, or just starting out in their own housing.

“It is important for us to help our youth to ensure they have the support and resources they need to thrive and have a healthy and stable life, this is why we chose Covenant House.” – Zina Longo