The Mischa Weisz Foundation Delivers on a Commitment to Community

Each year since 2019, we have been so grateful to receive the generous support of The Mischa Weisz Foundation, an organization that has consistently supported the well-being of youth across this country.

Prior to his 2009 death from pancreatic cancer, Mischa Weisz established the foundation to carry out his legacy of uplifting others in his community. The proud father, established entrepreneur, and dedicated philanthropist believed in the power of opportunity and in igniting the potential of young people to build a beautiful life for themselves.

His foundation’s gifts to Covenant House Toronto support this vision exactly.

The Mischa Weisz Foundation’s support helps Covenant House ensure youth experiencing homelessness and trafficking can access individualized support and a variety of programs and services to meet their needs.

The Foundation’s generosity also ensures youth have a safe place to turn, the opportunity to focus on their goals for the future and a supportive team to help them on their journey. It helps provide young people with the stability they need to move forward to their brighter future.

The incredible legacy of Mischa lives on, giving hope to those who need it. For young people who have experienced trauma and hardship this truly means so much. Thank you.