Covenant House Toronto receives $1 million from The Slaight Family Foundation to develop a new model of care for young women experiencing or at risk of homelessness or sex trafficking

Toronto, ON (February 8, 2022) – The Slaight Family Foundation has donated $1 million to help Covenant House launch a pilot program for female identifying youth between 16-24 years old who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness or sex trafficking.

This new program will address the complex needs of 20 young women for up to three years by providing a holistic solution to help break down barriers to housing, education and employment and enhance the path towards independent living.

“Thank you to The Slaight Family Foundation for your remarkable investment in innovative programs supporting women and girls facing significant barriers in our community,” said Mark Aston, Executive Director, Covenant House Toronto. “Young women whose journeys have included homelessness are more likely to have already experienced trauma, abuse, exploitative relationships, discrimination, poverty and barriers to housing, education and employment. We know that a holistic solution is needed as we work together to help support brighter and more equitable futures for women and girls.”

Program participants will have access to subsidised housing, educational bursaries, employment counselling, trauma focused mental health counselling, occupational therapy and wraparound supports through mentorship and family reconnect services.

Aston adds that this project is not only holistic but also provides the widest range of services tailored to the needs young female identifying women face.

“We see this program as an opportunity to develop a new model of care for young women experiencing homelessness or trafficking. This gift will help build our knowledge and understanding of how we can best address the barriers female identifying youth face and work towards a holistic solution.”

Covenant House helps youth ignite their potential and reclaim their lives. As Canada’s largest agency serving youth who are homeless, trafficked or at risk, they offer the widest range of 24-7 services to an average of 280 young people each day.

Since 1982, Covenant House has supported more than 100,000 young people.

For more information contact:

Michael Sheiner
Associate Manager, Public Relations
Covenant House Toronto