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Jocelyn has her own apartment and is thriving.

It was only a year ago that she was living in a shelter. Everything changed when Jocelyn met Dionne, Covenant House’s Youth in Transition worker. She found the stability and support she needed.

The program assists youth experiencing homelessness through one-on-one support. Staff help youth develop life skills, community connections and healthy routines on their path to adulthood.

For two years, Jocelyn and Dionne have worked together to build a trusting relationship and focus on meeting Jocelyn’s short and longer-term goals.

Jocelyn has big dreams for the future, but managing the day-to-day struggles of her health challenges means Jocelyn sometimes needs to slow down and recuperate. Dionne helps Jocelyn manage through these challenging times, often accompanying her to medical appointments.

With Dionne’s support, Jocelyn got her first job and moved into one of Covenant House’s community apartments.

Thanks to generous donor support, Jocelyn was able to afford a place of her own. Something she is grateful for during these challenging times.

Combined stresses of online learning, balancing working from home, social distancing and maintaining her health have been a lot to manage. Fortunately, Jocelyn is never truly on her own.

She says, “Dionne has taken the time to connect me to the right people and has helped make my dreams a reality. She has supported me throughout the years and has made a lot of the difficult stages in my life easier.”

To learn more about her journey, watch the video below.

Please note, this video was filmed before current COVID-19 restrictions were in place.