This is why Tia Peric takes part in #ChampsSleepOutTO

Tia Peric standing outside, smiling with a view of the CN Tower

Since the age of 22, Tia Peric has been an avid supporter of Covenant House Toronto’s Sleep Out: Champions Edition (or Champs Sleep Out) event. Four years later, she is now a dedicated member of the event committee and will be sleeping out again this week.

Tia, who is an Associate in Debt Capital Markets at CIBC, feels passionately about the cause: “Covenant House Toronto is more than just a place to sleep,” she remarks. “It’s a home that provides programs serving a multitude of needs such as education, mental health and much more.”

The Champs Sleep Out event directly supports these programs while providing a tangible, experiential way to gain insight about the issues. On April 4th, over 100 champions will spend one night on the streets with a sleeping bag and a piece of cardboard. Young professionals, entrepreneurs and civic-minded individuals who have a passion for social justice are among the attendees.

One of the reasons initially Tia got involved in Champs was her keen interest to learn more about the roots of youth homelessness. She has found the experience eye opening, especially some of the learnings she gained last year:

“I didn’t realize such a high proportion of youth at Covenant House identify as LGBTQ+, and some of the unique struggles they face, on top of being homeless,” Tia reflects. “It was shocking to hear about the negative experiences they faced, but they were luckily able to find a support system at Covenant House.”

Although Tia has slept out three times before, she acknowledges that each year is a new learning experience. She finds it humbling because the experience gives her an appreciation for the youth who do it on a nightly basis. Sleeping out also provides her with the opportunity to surround herself with participants of diverse backgrounds, all making a difference together.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing how we continue to grow, year after year!” She expresses.

On April 4, join Tia and over 100 champions at #ChampsSleepOutTO to raise funds and sleep outside in support of youth who are homeless, trafficked or at-risk. To learn more, visit: