Singing is an outlet for finding peace and solace, or to decompress from life’s hardships. Recognizing the power of song, volunteers at Covenant House Toronto host an open-mic Karaoke Night for our youth several times a month. Here, youth can find their voice, let loose and express themselves.

Volunteer Amy Kirkpatrick’s passion for singing and desire to support her community drove her to volunteer with the karaoke program over two years ago, and she has been a dedicated volunteer ever since. Amy has established a successful singing and song-writing career across a variety of genres.

I was always aware of Covenant House. It was the perfect fit for what I wanted to do, which is to support a great cause

On the surface, the program might seem like fun and games, but to Amy and everybody else, it’s more than that.

“I remember once a youth put on a song and talked about how it brought them back to a time when their parent always played that song,” Amy reflects. “You can feel that karaoke night becomes a very safe and intimate space where the young people can feel whatever they want to feel.”

The program helps bring out the best in the youth allowing them to break out of their shell and embrace their creativity.

“Amy witnesses a lot of positive changes with the youth,” said Pulsara Batra, Supervisor, Volunteer Services. “As youth continue to participate in the program, they become more open and confident in themselves, which is what this program aims to do.”