Scared young girl looking into camera. Worried about her trafficking past and looking for support for victims

Sharing knowledge

Sex trafficking is a crime taking place in Canada right now. Yet many Canadians don't believe it can and does happen to our children. The truth is that it's happening in our communities, to our children and often right in front of us. Yet many times the signs go unnoticed by those in the best position to help.

At Covenant House, we’ve been working with survivors of sex trafficking for over forty years. Through our work, we’ve learned that research, awareness and education are key to protecting young people. Survivors told us they often didn’t understand what was happening to them or know where to turn for help. And the barriers to exiting sex trafficking once someone is entrenched are enormous.

The purpose of Traffick Stop is to help prevent sex trafficking and support survivors through the sharing of knowledge. The resources on this site are based on our work with over hundreds of young women and learnings from the implementation of our anti-trafficking plan. This model includes prevention and early intervention, direct support for survivors, and research and evaluation.

By sharing our findings, we hope to help educate others so that we can all work together to fight sex trafficking.

For Caregivers

Caregivers are parents, grandparents and guardians.
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For Service Providers

Front-line service providers who offer support to survivors of sex trafficking.
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For Educators

For teachers and staff to support education and prevention.
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For Industry

Hotels, taxis and tourism boards can all help prevent sex trafficking.
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We would like to express our sincerest thanks to all the youth and staff who offered their experiences and expertise in building the knowledge offered here. To the youth in particular, thank you for taking the courageous step in coming forward with your stories and giving us the privilege of sharing them and our learnings to help others.

We’d also like to thank our community partners who collaborated with us and our donors who made Traffick Stop possible.