To our valued supporters:

The young people who use our services have demonstrated exceptional resilience and courage. Our team has also risen to the challenges presented, showing commitment, passion and grit.

Thousands of youth experience homelessness and sex trafficking in Canada. And every day, we see these young people walk through our doors feeling powerless, with nowhere to turn. They suffer from traumatic events in their young lives, leaving them struggling with their mental health.

And now, we find ourselves in the middle of a health crisis the world has never seen. The young people staying with us – who have put so much work into stabilizing their lives – have been thrown back into uncertainty due to COVID-19. For many, their feelings of anxiety, isolation and fear for the future have been heightened even further.

Our expert staff are working to ensure we can provide the care that our youth need to make positive strides forward. During COVID-19, Covenant House Toronto remains open 24-7, serving more than 300 youth a day.

We have made essential shifts to our programming and health safety protocols to keep our youth and staff safe.  This includes moving 38 youth from our crisis shelter to a downtown hotel, funded by the City of Toronto, to increase physical distancing in our spaces. To learn more about our on-the-ground response to COVID-19, click here.

Our front-line staff are working to keep youth experiencing homelessness and survivors of sex trafficking healthy and safe during this pandemic and beyond. We continue to provide food, shelter, housing, medical care, counselling and more – and we couldn’t do this without your help.

Thank you for staying with us every step of the way.

Mark Aston
Executive Director
Covenant House Toronto