"I was so broken and vulnerable and he offered me, you know, the dream and we’ll have a family and I love you." – Survivor

Sex trafficking is a growing crime in Canada, affecting youth from all communities. Building on nearly forty years of supporting vulnerable youth, Covenant House saw this growing issue and took action. Our response came in an anti-trafficking plan.

This model takes a holistic approach. It consists of prevention and awareness including training with schools and industry, victim services – which includes our housing programs – as well as research and evaluation.

Using the model, we have worked directly with over 100 survivors each year. Our experience has given us strong insights into how to provide tailored, compassionate support. Both for survivors and for their families.

Through this work, we’ve also learned that awareness and education are key in protecting young people. We are launching Traffick Stop to share our knowledge and provide information so we can work together to prevent sex trafficking from happening in our communities.

Introducing Traffick Stop

Traffick Stop is a resource hub for people who want to fight sex trafficking and support survivors. The hub is organized into four key areas:

  • Sex Trafficking 101 provides general information on the issue of sex trafficking.
  • For Caregivers shares how to identify risk, support your children and prevent sex trafficking.
  • For Industry identifies how and why to book our sex trafficking prevention training.
  • For Service Providers offers resources for agencies that support survivors.

Our hope is that Traffick Stop can help people understand the issue and better support young people in our communities. Please explore the site and feel free to share widely with friends and family.