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Growing up, Jake had a close relationship with his mother, but his life changed when she sent him to live with his father in Toronto. Jake’s mother thought that sending him to the city would give him better opportunities, but life with his father and stepmother was strained. At age 17, he left and became homeless.

Jake quickly became involved in street life and often had to defend himself physically against threats that come with life on the street. He came to Covenant House and met his youth worker, Tim, with whom he made a strong connection. Yet Jake left the crisis shelter a short time later.

Once out in the community, Jake reconnected with Tim through Covenant House’s drop-in centre, seeking out continued support. Jake then began to make lasting changes in his life, working with Tim on a plan to find employment, replace his identification, open a bank account and secure affordable housing.

“Jake often tells me how much our relationship and his connection to Covenant House has helped him find the right path,” says Tim.

Today, Jake has a part-time job in customer service and is thinking about returning to school to complete his high school diploma. Strengthened by his relationship with Tim, who he continues to keep in touch with, Jake has also rekindled his relationship with his family.